Ham Radio

Start of my journey

I started my Ham journey mid November of 2020. My two sons and I were looking to surprise my father-in-law by taking and passing out Technician exam. We started out by working through some courses posted on YouTube and a few others were written materials.

Technician License - Training Resources

Here are some resources that we used to take and pass our Technician exam.

3-Part Free Video Course

Ham Radio Technician Class - Presentation given by the Hurst Amateur Radio Club, W5HRC, for those interested in getting their first Ham Radio License.

Quizlet - Flashcards

An complete listing of the 420+ question pool in the form of notecards.

Questions & Answer pool

"CCAARC presents the 2018 Technician Class Amateur Radio license exam questions slides. These slides follow the July 2018 newly released technician class license questions. "